Passive House Certification

Ensure the quality of your building, product, or professional development with our Passive House certification services.

Upcoming: Certified Passive House Designer Course

Jan 16

Building Certification

You need to be assured of results and long-term value when investing in a sustainable building. For 30 years, Passive House has been delivering on its promise. We believe that verified results are crucial for market confidence. The rigorous quality assurance process we employ through the Passive House certification ensures results are delivered consistent with client expectations.

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Component Certification

As the Passive House market flourishes, the demand for Passive House certified components continues to rise. Manufacturers can gain an edge over competitors by working with us to have their products independently Passive House certified. We guide you through the certification process to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

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Professional Certification

With tighter energy codes on the horizon, there is a growing need for Passive House certified designers and tradespeople who have the knowledge, training, and experience to deliver efficient, high performance buildings. Get ahead of the curve and enhance your career with our professional certification programs.

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