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Certified Passive House Designer Course

April 6th 2021

Traditional methods of designing for sustainability are becoming obsolete

Clients are seeking proven results, which means staying current with evolving best practices will be crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.  

With local authorities requiring Passive House both for their own buildings and as the standard for the industry, it is important to take initiative to expand your design toolkit to meet the growing need for professionals with Passive House training and experience.

Distinguish yourself as a leader in sustainability best practices

Our training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to remain at the forefront of design and construction. Set yourself apart from the others within the industry by training in the world's most trusted sustainable building standard. By doing so, you will be primed to position yourself to respond to the growing number of RFPs requiring Passive House, as well as bring added value to your clients.

Shakers and movers of the sustainable building space

Beyond  making money, you will be a part of the collective stewards of the Earth who will have a fulfilling career knowing that not only are you making a positive impact of the lives of people, you’re making a huge impact on our environment.

Peel Passive House Training Advantage

PHI Accredited

Our courses includes high-quality material directly from the Passive House Institute who played a crucial role in the Passive House concept - the only internationally recognised, performance-based energy standard in construction. In additon to that, we have included value-add material that we specifically developed for North America

Led by Industry Experts

We are the most experienced Passive House trainers in North America, with a combined total of over 40 years of industry experience. We are also active consultants in the industry, pioneering some of the world’s first-of-its-kind type projects like the world's first Passive House Car dealership in Red Deer Alberta or the first Passive House production facility in the world.

Internationally Recognized

We license our training materials to organizations such as the Australian Passive House Association, as well as support others around the world in developing custom curricula and delivering courses that are designed to meet local needs.

Designed to Fit your Schedule

We are the first online Passive House training platform in North America, and many of our courses offer self-paced portions to accommodate busy schedules and provide greater flexibility for our participants.

A Rich, Engaging Curriculum

Unlike most standardized courses, every course we offer is infused with first-hand knowledge gained through our years of experience in PH consulting and certification. We update our curriculum frequently to keep pace with new developments.

Responsive Support

Our trainers are on hand to answer your questions throughout the course. We strive to ensure our participants enjoy a positive and meaningful learning experience that will enhance their understanding of Passive House.  

Who's it for?


Marry beautiful architecture with true sustainable design

Self Builders

Empower yourself to build to a world class standard

Energy Consultants

Learn one of the most efficient ways to save money on energy.


Add a powerful tool in your tool box in designing for sustainability.


Learn and build components for the growing needs of the Passive House industry.

Change Makers

Direct your passion for transforming the industry

Policy Makers

Be a driving force of sustainable policy that will create more jobs and provide smarter allocation of resources

Construction Managers

Upgrade your skills to meet the growing needs of the Passive House building standard.

Learn the Fundamentals

Join in on one of our cohorts and learn from the comfort of your own home. We offer engaging and practical curricula taught through live virtual and self-paced classes, which are led by qualified Passive House experts who are ready to answer your questions and assist you.

Passive House Design & Construction

Acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills that will become essential for future construction.

1 month

Using PHPP in Passive House Design & Certification

Learn the key Passive House design and verification tool used by the industry from the experts.

approx. 30 hours

CPHC Exam Prep

Fully prepare yourself to write and pass the Certified Passive House Consultant exam.

8 weeks

Bundle them together and save with the Certified Passive House Designer Course

This package includes all three courses: Passive House Design & Construction, PHPP and CPHD Exam Prep.

Certified Passive House Designer Course

This bundle includes all three courses needed for certification: PH Design and Construction, Using PHPP in Passive House and Certified Passive House Consultant Exam Prep.

68 hours

Get Certified

Certified Passive House Consultant Exam Prep: Enroll in this in-depth course to prepare yourself for the CPHC exam

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We are the first online PH training platform in North America, and many of our courses offer self-paced portions to accommodate busy schedules and provide greater flexibility for our participants.

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Expand Your Knowledge with a Master Class

Learn how Passive House can be applied to a broad range of building types. Explore specific topics in greater depth. Discover the most current techniques, tools, and design approaches to help you optimize your Passive House projects.

Explore master classesexplore masterclasses


Acquire the 3D thermal bridge modelling skills that will help you stay up to speed with evolving building energy codes


Learn how to design ventilation systems to meet Passive House requirements before you incur expensive redesign

Building Certification Course

De-risk the certification process. In this online course, effective resources and strategies will be explored to help practitioners navigate the certification process and ensure a successful outcome.

5 Days

Expert Seal

Choose the expert seal that will move your career forward

PHPP Expert & Exam Prep

Master the PHPP skills that will enhance your expertise and highlight the added value you bring to any Passive House team

3 months

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We are the first online PH training platform in North America, and many of our courses offer self-paced portions to accommodate busy schedules and provide greater flexibility for our participants.

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Certifed Passive House Consultant/ Designer Renewal

Renew Your CPHC/CPHD Certificatation

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Learn what's required to renew your certificate and then apply.

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