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Therm On-Demand

Learn the fundamentals of thermal bridging calculations for wood-framed construction.

Upcoming: Certified Passive House Designer Course

Jan 16

Thermal bridging is an important consideration in Low Energy Building design. Generally, the aim is to wrap the entire thermal envelope in a blanket of insulation, thereby eliminating all bridges. However, practicalities and cost may prevent this goal from being achieved. To properly assess junctions that contain thermal bridging, 2D thermal modelling is often needed. This modelling must be carefully performed using validated software to ensure accurate results.

In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of thermal bridging calculations for wood-framed construction. Common junction details and their modelling conventions will be examined. Modelling techniques will be taught using Therm. Participants will be given the opportunity to perform calculations with in-course exercises. Support for participants is offered via posting in the chat section for each video for the Course.

start date
6 weeks
CPD Credits

Optional Course Extension:

Course extensions can be provided, to get more time to complete the course, please reach out to us at: for more information.


    Participants must have a familiarity with Excel and basic building heat loss calculations.

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      Learning objectives

      1. Gain better understanding of heat loss in buildings due to thermal bridging
      2. Understand what comprises a high quality junction detail
      3. Learn basic commands in the steady state numerical analysis software THERM
      4. Create 2D thermal models of junction details
      5. Learn and apply the Passive House thermal bridging modelling conventions
      6. Gain practical experience in the calculation of thermal bridging heat loss
      7. Account for thermal bridging in building energy modelling software

      Ideal for:

      Building energy modellers, building envelope consultants, engineers, architects and other building professionals that wish to understand and quantify thermal bridging.

      This course is a good fit if:

      • You want a tool that will streamline your Passive House energy modelling  
      • You want to explore the energy performance of early design options without committing a significant amount of time and resources to energy modelling
      • You would like to spend more time modelling and less time doing takeoffs
      • You need a tool that will help you effectively document your modelling work for Passive House certification

      Further Education Training:

      The PHPP Variants course is recognized by PHI as further education training for Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants with 20 CPs under the ID: K074_2024_CA. If you require a confirmation of completion please email:


      Please contact with any questions you may have.

      Meet Your Instructors

      Kelly Fisher

      Accredited PH Certifier, Certified Passive House Consultant, Trainer & PHPP Expert

      Kelly is a Passive House Consultant with experience in low energy building design and analysis. She has hands on experience with design and construction, and a keen interest in building sustainably. She has extensive experience in energy modelling, thermal modeling, project management, as well as various other energy and costing analyses.

      Kelly is a Certified Passive House Consultant 7 years of experience in the Passive House Industry, also has her PHPP Expert accreditation, Retrofit Accreditation, and is also an Accredited Passive House Trainer and Certifier. At Peel Passive House, Kelly supports the company's certification, consultancy, thermal modelling, training, and research activities.

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      David Fraser

      Certified Passive House Consultant and Trainer

      Dave is a Certified Passive House Consultant with experience in energy efficient building design and construction. He earned his Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Energy and Building Technology from Humber College and graduated with a keen interest in Passive House buildings after working on an EnerPHit project in his capstone course. Since then, he has worked on a variety of projects, analyzing, and implementing energy efficient design in all building systems. Dave has experience in both PHPP and dynamic energy modeling, as well as 2D and 3D thermal modelling.

      Dave is a Certified Passive House Consultant and Trainer with 3 years of experience in the Passive House industry. At Peel Passive House, Dave manages consulting projects including multi-family residential, non-residential, and mixed-use; both new construction and retrofit. He also supports the PeelPHC Certification team.

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      Get training from the most respected consultants in the field

      Our trainers are active consultants working on pioneering projects within the industry.  Our breadth and depth of experience with different project types are unmatched by other training providers.

      Get the latest developments from the industry

      Our course content is continually updated to ensure relevancy.Go beyond theory – gain practical knowledge that can be applied immediately.

      Engage in a world class course with leading-edge material.

      Our training methodology has been finely honed over years to deliver training to diverse learners. The right foundation to prepare for the CPHC exam.

      What our students are saying about our courses

      Peel Passive House is where I took my CPHC/D course and exam. The PPH crew is awesome, the cumulative knowledge and experience is legit. 10/10 would recommend to a friend, or my Mum if she ever decided to take a weirdly sharp turn in occupational direction.

      I do not come from an educational AEC or engineering background. Being self taught when it comes to building physics and energy modelling; Andrew and Melissa's course was presented in a way that was easy to understand and digest, LOTS of visual data and very effective means of sorting and annotating material that helps maximize the learning from every slide. Andrew Peel is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Passive House and my only regret is that due to Geography I was not able to take the course in person.


      A great team to work with and learnfrom!


      Thanks to Peel Passive House ConsultingLtd. for a fantastic course and compiling an extensive curriculum that goes above and beyond not just preparing you for the exam, but fully inculcating the intricacies of the underlying scientific concepts.


      Andrew walked us through the various aspects of PH from start to finish in a very organized manner. His practical experienced gave us great insight into how the various PH principles can be implemented and the challenges that go along with them. No course is going to turn you into a PH specialist, but this sets you up nicely to get into the industry to become one!


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